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The 5kw PlugOut v4.1 kit is a high voltage inverter kit that connects to any supported vehicle and outputs 120/240v AC power for appliances and optionally can attach to solar 48vDC batteries to keep up charge. The product includes a 5.2kw inverter for 240v, a transformer for 120v split phase, DC cables to connect the PlugOut to the vehicle, an AC cable to connect the inverter to the transformer, and a socket board for split-phase outlets [L14-30r twist-lock generator socket and two 3-socket 120v power strips].
If ordering multiple units for an additional car[s], place a separate order for this item for each car to associate/specify a different car, so the right car-cable can be shipped.

Product cost does not include: shipping to the customer [see shipping cost calculation in cart] and installation of a cable onto the car high voltage battery [PlugOut Power will help find one for you].  Some home assembly required [will need fire-retardant backboard cut to desired size to mount included inverter, transformer, socket board and two power strips].  2nd image shows demo system with backboard and sockets added.


This product is compatible with the following accesory items: 

5kw PlugOut-5 v4.1 kit

SKU: PO-5v4.1
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