Power Out from your Car!


PlugOut Kit v4.1

About Our Products

PlugOut enables a Hybrid/Plug-in to be more than a just a car


PlugOut inverters attach to hybrid/plug-in vehicles to enable work as mobile Off-Grid generator.  When in use, the vehicle’s engine and gas tank keep the vehicle’s hybrid battery charged, while the PlugOut draws power from the hybrid battery to make AC and DC power. The latest PlugOut [v4] kits includes an inverter, a transformer, and cables.  PlugOut features an input front end that accommodates a variety of host hybrid/plug-in vehicles and an output that features pure sine wave 120/240v split phase power. 

  • Currently we support Toyota and Lexus hybrids/plug-ins. 


PlugOut Models:           5kw  [actually 5.2kw]



See details in our PlugOut v4.1 Brochure .            See our products and prices on our Products page.


The PlugOut enables Vehicle to Home [V2H] capabilities.  


  • Provides AC power out for appliances [like a generator]

  • Provides DC power out for solar batteries [like a charger]


Of course, the PlugOut has different strengths than a mechanical generator or battery station.

Find PlugOut's Advantages in: 

Choosing a PlugOut:    A Process 


We suggest a 3-step process, which is very similar to what one must do to get any home generator:  


   1. Start with the car - is it supported by PlugOut?
The Supported Vehicle List will get you started.  Each supported hybrid/plug-in system has been tested for connectibility, operation and max-power. 

   2.  Determine your emergency power needs.

Use the Wattage Load Planning guide for totaling and prioritizing your needed appliances. Make sure your needs are less than the E-car ratings.

   3. Choose the PlugOut that best fits your power and cost requirements. 
Typical appliance loads on the PlugOuts are shown below, however results will vary:

  • 3kw - small loads and one medium load

  • 5kw - small and medium loads, and a limited number of 120v large loads and/or one 240v large load


A 4th step is to decide how you will connect the PlugOut system to your house loads.  We recommend you engage a local electrician to help, as they have the knowledge and experience to plan and do this right. 

Our Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] has more detail descriptions of your options.

Product Reservation 


If your car is not in the Supported Vehicle List, we are taking reservations for products.  We prioritize our vehicle testing by accumulation on the reservation list.  No money is required for a reservation, just serious intent to buy if/when your car becomes supported. 


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