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Choosing a PlugOut Kit

Choosing a PlugOut Kit/System requires knowing the capabilities of all the included components:  Car, Appliances and PlugOut.  In general, one should keep the needed power of the Loads [Appliances] below the abilities of the Supply [Car and PlugOut] for both Continuous and Max/Surge ratings.  Some appliances have higher surge ratings compared to their continuous ratings, so discretion is needed when considering load power needs.  Motor appliances like well pumps, heat pumps and central fans have large start-surge requirements.  The surge handling capability of the supply is often the limiting factor in the suitability of the Supply for the Load.


You might print this page out for writing in power levels.

Appliances  [Load]                           Continuous                        Surge                    Comments

From the Load Wattage Planning Guide, you will have prioritized totaled your appliances and their needs.  Be sure you estimate and total both the Continuous and Surge/Max power requirements.  Know the largest appliance requirements as it may sway your choice of inverter.  Typically, one uses the Continuous load and adds the largest appliance’s Surge load for a working surge capability.

Total Appliance Wattage                                                                xx

Largest Appliance                                                                                         


Car Power [Supply]                          Continuous                        Surge                    Comments

Supported hybrid/plugin cars have Continuous and Max power ratings which may be different from the PlugOut inverter.  Get the relevant car-power rating[s] from PlugOut Power.   

Primary Car                                                                                                       

Other Car1                                                                                                                

Other Car2                                                                                                            

PlugOut Selection [Supply]              Continuous                       Surge                    Comments

The PlugOut inverters are rated for Continuous and Surge Power capabilities.  

PlugOut 3kw                                                                                                            

PlugOut 5kw                                                                                                         

You should use the smaller of Car and PlugOut power supply capabilities to meet the demands of the Loads.  Where appropriate, consider 2nd or future car capabilities into your choice.

Also keep in mind that planned use of supply components that are close to either Continuous or Max rating is risky, given the random use [manual and automated] of appliances.  So, it is recommended to limit the appliance loads to ½ to ¾ the Supply rating to leave headroom for random use issues.


We hope this helps to choose your PlugOut.  If not sure of your choice, contact Plug.Out Power.

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