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Supported Vehicles

Our new PlugOut inverters come in 3kw and 5kw models.  Both products are potentially compatible with nearly any electrified vehicle (hybrid or plug-in).  The Supported Vehicles List is comprised of vehicles PlugOut Power has tested, or deems similar enough, to determine safe operation and power levels specific to each vehicle type.  For a rough idea of how your vehicle matches to PlugOut models, see the PlugOut recommendations on the Supported Vehicle List .

  • What are your car’s max surge and continuous ratings?  Contact PlugOut Power to get the actual ratings for your car model. Whatever the desired appliances/loads you use, they must be lower than the car’s and PlugOut’s ratings [which ever lower].   

  • Are there second or future e-cars to consider for PlugOut choice? (higher or lower power rating)  Get the actual ratings the other car models.  This may sway your choice of PlugOut up or down. 


Consider placing a Reservation, if you car is not in the Supported Vehicles List, for when Support is available.  No money required, serious intent only.  Continue to RESERVATION >>

Customers are responsible for managing their load power and keeping it within their car’s limits.  If a car is limited to max power = 3.6kw, it is certainly okay to use the 3kw PlugOut, as long as the constant loads stay below 3kw, and, appliance start-surge requirements don’t push the 3.6kw limit.  With a 5kw PlugOut for the same car, the customer is still responsible to keep surge loads below the 3.6kw limit.


We recommended customers leave at least 25-50% headroom beneath the lower of car or PlugOut power ratings, depending on the appliances used, for reliable operation. 
See the Load Wattage Planning page for more details on managing power loads.


>> Supported Vehicle List PDF<<

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