The 3kw PlugOut v4.1 kit is a high voltage inverter kit that connects to any supported vehicle and outputs 120/240v AC power for appliances and, optionally, can attach to solar 24vDC batteries to keep up charge.  The product includes an inverter for 240v, a transformer  for 120v, DC cables to connect the PlugOut to the vehicle, an AC cable to connect the inverter to the transformer, and a socket board for split-phase  outlets.
If ordering multiple units for an additional car[s], place a separate order for this item for each car to associate/specify a different car, so the right car-cable can be shipped.

Product cost does not include:  shipping to the customer [see shipping cost calculator in cart] and installation of a cable onto the car high voltage battery [PlugOut Power will help you find one].  Some home assembly required.  2nd image shows assembled demo system with cart, backboard and sockets added.


See the Supported Vehicles List for current cars elligible to connect.

Go to the Reservation page to reserve  a PlugOut for any vehicle not yet supported.


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3kw PlugOut v4.1 kit

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