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PlugOut Power

Using Car Power for House Power

Turn your Toyota or Lexus Hybrid or Plugin into a Power Generator



Our PlugOut Inverters are Unique

PlugOut kits are designed to enable hybrid and plug-in vehicles to make power for a variety of off-grid uses (AC or DC power out) for the home, jobsite, camping, tailgating, or as a solar battery extender.  A hybrid/plugin with the PlugOut inverter combo is quiet, always starts, doesn't need maintenance and makes up to twice the electricity per gallon vs generators.   

Founded in 2008 as Converdant Vehicles and re-launched as PlugOut Power in January 2020, we are building on years of experience to provide you with specialized, high-voltage inverters. 

PlugOut Power continues to provide emergency power solutions for Toyota and Lexus hybrids with our PlugOut Inverters.  This solution is not new to us.  We’ve been offering this capability for over 8 years.  We agree with the finally awakening car industry, your car is an ideal source of emergency power.


31 March 2024:  PlugOut Power has sold out of inventory of our unique PlugOut inverters and will close  its website in the first week of April.  The Principal [Randy Bryan] will continue to provide support/warrantee service for another year on a best efforts, as available, no-liability basis to our customers.

Customer Support can be requested at:

It has been a privilege and pleasure helping our customers, and those who inquired, through their emergency power planning and implementation issues.  

If anyone wishes to continue with a next generation of products, please contact POP.  

December 2023 - Happy Holidays to all!  Here's hoping that all your New Years wishes come true, and we all stay healthy.


19 January 2023 - PlugOut Power announces that the 4kw PO-4 units are now in stock [as are the 5kw units] and shipping. 

December 2022 -  Happy Holidays to ALL.

1 December 2022 - PlugOut Power announces that sales/shipments of PlugOuts to Canada will now be supported.  Please confirm our website shipping information is updated before purchase [still in US dollars only].

25 November 2022 - PlugOut Power in the News - 

24 September 2022 - For National Drive Electric Week, PlugOut Power announces a new product, the PlugOut-4 [PO-4], a 4kw inverter that connects to most Toyota-Lexus hybrids-plugins and outputs 120v - 60hz - pure sine wave power from the single box. This new PlugOut series product can fit into the trunk/sub-trunk of the hybrid and more conveniently provide 120v power straight from the car.  This means real mobile power from any supported  hybrid/plugin; quiet, efficient, reliable.  4kw is enough to power your home [emergency], campsite,  worksite, field site, or tailgate gathering;  Cook electric, run fridge, TV-computer-phones, lights, well pump, etc.   See Announcement

3 Apr 2021 - Announcing v4.1 PlugOut kits!  V4.1 brings a lighter transformer, 20lbs lighter, making the system more portable and easier to use.  Suitable to mount on a wall, cart or vehicle.

18 Mar 2021 - PlugOut in Torque News: 

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How it Works

Think of your e-car and PlugOut combo as a very well engineered power generator 


The car always starts, requires no maintenance, is safe, reliable, and easy to operate, has a large fuel supply [easy to refill], is super quiet, and generates almost twice the electricity per gallon versus store-bought generators.  And it's mobile! Everyone knows generators, but PlugOut is different enough that some mention of special uses is warranted.   See the PlugOut vs Generator Comparison.

The e-car and PlugOut beats Power Stations in price-performance 


If you own a supported hybrid or plug-in car energy source, the PlugOuts can be lighter, smaller, more powerful, and offer MUCH MORE energy storage.  Power stations end up being power and energy constrained due to battery weight-cost, limiting enjoyment.  The PlugOut hybrid has much more power and storage at a lower cost.  See the PlugOut vs Power Station Comparison.

The PlugOut inverter:

  • Connects to the car’s HV traction battery. 

  • Car provides DC power, PlugOut converts to AC/DC power.

  • Produces 240/120v split-phase pure sine wave AC power,

  • Produces 24v or 48v DC power for charging solar batteries.  

  • The car, inverter and appliances are connected by cables. 

            Then turn them ON [in Park] to operate.   
                                                                                                 Learn more About Our Products.

PO5v4 Demo1 horiz bkbrd 20200920_103803.

Home Power [AC]

Protect yourself and family when the grid goes down


The PlugOut car provide emergency power to the house using the same generator socket and subpanel-cutover on the house as any generator.  But, the larger tank of a hybrid car can last for 1-7 days [24hr], not 3-6 hours like other generators.    

Enjoy the Quiet


The PlugOut car is much quieter than a generator and can be used where noisy generators are discouraged or forbidden; like townhomes, trailer/resort parks, or any neighborhood where quieter is better.


Protect your Appliances from 'Big Groans'


The car-battery source and pure sine wave output mean load changes [appliances on/off] won't cause groans/ power surges that can damage motors and sensitive electronics.  The Plug-Out inverter adapts to load changes at electronic speeds with clean power.

Image by Ben Klea

Mobile Power [AC]

Worksites: PlugOut clean power is good for the tools and electronics, and the car's larger tank is good for productivity.  And, use of a hybrid vehicle is good for the pocketbook.

Electric camping: A new use made practical by PlugOut.  Use inductive stoves and pots-pans-griddles, electric kettles for hot water, LED lights, even IR lamps for heat.  Keep phones and computers charged.  Make less mess at the campsite and be far safer for dry forests, or go where there is no wood!  


Staged events: PlugOut's quiet clean mobile power can make a difference.  Use for field events with computers and phones, mic and speakers, music, and tailgating where a noisy generator can be bothersome and hard on the electronics.

Image by Chelsea
PO5v4 Demo1 closeup 20201024_102015.jpg

Solar Battery Extender [DC]

Fill-in when the sun doesn't shine


The Plug-Out car can supplement energy to the solar batteries when the power goes out and the sun doesn't shine.  The PlugOut can be a smarter choice than more battery or more solar.

PlugOut technolgy also applies to Off-Grid living where our unique product offers a low cost, high reliability, easy-to-use solution for solar plus battery installations.


What Our Customers Say..

11/11/2023  Gary from WI:

If I used my best generator, I could never come close to the efficiency of the Prius because my generator would have to be running under varying loads based on the charge controller demands, while using lots of gasoline. The Prius setup enables excess energy to be stored and accessed when needed, thus no wasted energy. IMO, the Prius is hands down the best back by generator for anyone with a solar, wind or intermitant hydro system.


11/3/23  David from Utah:
Lancer did the i
nstall on my Sienna yesterday. I have been very impressed with Justin and his workmanship, and I think you should recommend him to anyone in Utah. I just tried the inverter on the van today and used it to power my camp trailer, including the air conditioner and electric heater. Everything seems to be working as it should. Thanks again for your help!


10/1/23 Matt from ??:
We've been pleased with the Plug-Out Island kit Prius 5kva since we purchased it in 2016.

We have not had to use it, but we tested it to run our 220 volt well pump and it worked so we've felt like we have a good back-up system. A few years before we purchased your plug out, we lost power for 3 days during an ice storm and had no water.


9/16/21 Kris from NJ:

I just wanted to follow up and say how great my unit is! With my current setup, I am able to feed my house with a 30amp 220 outlet. I can power my entire house except for central air. Meanwhile, my house consists of a lot of high use equipment (such as two 30 amp datacenter quality UPS'). The power I get from my Prius is pure sine wave and does not fluctuate. Thank you again for your great system!

6/16/20 Gayathri from CT: 

We had a transfer switch installed and it's been super cool showing our friends/kids/neighbors how we can power critical circuits in our house during a power outage with our Prius!

5/21/20 Al from NY: 

So good to hear that you are back in business! We are entering a new era for plug-ins, hybrids and EV’s. I am still using my 3kva “Plug Out Island” inverter with our 2012 Prius v for our occasional power outages. It performs brilliantly! Love it!

5/21/20 Charlie from MD:

FWIW, the 2004 Prius that I bought my system for way back when is still hanging in there. Fortunately, we’ve only had to use it a couple of times for power failures, but it has also come in handy for some off-grid construction projects.  We also now have a 2018 Chevy Bolt.  Your new options offer a lot of things to think about. I plan to forward your announcement to quite a few people, and see if I can start some conversations. Good luck on your new venture!

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